The MVIFI Team

The Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation is a team of maverick leaders and educational designers who are helping schools transform through people-centered design. MVIFI grew from the thought and action leadership at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School and maintains a symbiotic relationship as accelerator and amplifier of the school’s work. Continuously innovating ourselves, MVIFI provides leadership in transformational learning and school redesign in a number of ways. We share thought leadership. We host dynamic learning events. We run innovative educational programs. And we consult with schools and organizations working for their own transformation and innovation. Just like cells are the basic unit of structure and form in all living things, we use the structure of an organism to talk about the structure of MVIFI.


Six maverick leaders work as the nucleus of MVIFI and act as the primary designers and drivers of the events we host, the programs we develop and the consultations we engage in as an organization. All six of the MVIFI nucleus simultaneously leverage their various roles as MVPS educators to conduct action research and truly test the theories and action we believe will transform education.


Bo Adams

Executive Director, MVIFI


Trey Boden

Creative Director, MVIFI


James Campbell

Design Thinking Facilitator, MVIFI


Meghan Cureton

Director of Innovation Diploma, MVIFI


T.J. Edwards

Director of Design and Engineering Programs, MVIFI


Jim Tiffin

Director of Media and Maker, MVIFI


We call the next layer of MVIFI leaders, the cell. These educators and leaders are our design thinking coaches who work primarily in their divisions to fully integrate the people-centered approach to teaching and learning into the school as a whole. They are key players on the MVIFI team, as they work alongside the nucleus at various events and consults because they are true innovators of their craft.

Liz Aull
Preschool Design Thinking Facilitator

Chris Andres
Lower School Design Thinking Facilitator

Amy Wilkes
Middle School Design Thinking Facilitator

Anya Smith
MVIFI Fellow, iDiploma (Disney Cohort)