Students as Designers and Consultants

At Mount Vernon, a design brief starts with a creative conversation and ends with an impactful relationship. Through this process, Innovation Diploma exercises our expertise in design thinking and problem solving to identify opportunities to create better solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. So if you're willing, share your dream with us, give us a deadline, and we'll help you take it the rest of the way.

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“This is better than a lot of the $100K market research projects I’ve seen come in.”

- Executive at AT&T


Design Briefs: A Student Perspective

By: Anya Smith | MVIFI Fellow, Senior and Innovation Diploma Candidate This year has...

That’s a Wrap: Design Brief #1

Today was pretty incredible, as it marks the end of iDiploma’s first full-scale design...

Students are Change Makers Now

Who will bring change and make our world better? Rosalyn Merrick, Mount Vernon Presbyterian School, shows us that students are more than capable of impacting the world. From design briefs where students partnered with government organizations to international companies, she spotlights examples where moving students out of classrooms and into boardrooms have helped them become change makers. Rosalyn’s MoVe talk challenges us to be bold, courageous, think outside of the box, and challenge the assumptions that limit students from designing a better world. (Filmed at fuse17, June 14, 2017)