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30 Nov 2017

Moving The Rock w/ Grant Lichtman | Part 1

Grant Lichtman joins to Design Movement to discuss his latest book, Moving the Rock: 7 Levers We Can Press to Transform Education. Grant moves past establishing a case for change and develops a practical toolkit for any school community to lean into the future in a collaborative manner. This book is a multiplier in closing the gap between school life and real life. In Part 1, we discuss the first 3 levers we can all press to transform our own […]

03 Oct 2017

Design Briefs: Blurring the Line Between School and Real Life

Most people would agree that maths, science, reading, and writing exist outside of the classroom. So why do we teach them in separated classes in school? At Mount Vernon Presbyterian School, connecting students to the world around them plays a big role in establishing the context for student learning. As a third grade teacher, I have taken students out of the classroom and have been amazed at the types of questions and learning the students were capable of. I brought […]

18 Sep 2017

Authentic Learning Adventures: Nicole Martin

In her June 2017 MoVe Talk, Nicole Martin, challenges all learners, adults and children alike, to get outside and start adventuring as seekers and explorers as a means to encounter deep learning experiences.     At Mount Vernon, we are systemically rethinking the way we take students off campus from a run-of-the-mill educational field trip, where students are typically passive consumers. Instead, we’re more focused on our learners being actively involved in the experience through the lenses of observation and […]

20 Apr 2017

Part 2: Keys to Lead w/ Michael A. Pitcher

This is part two of Design Movement’s interview with Michael ““Mike”” A. Pitcher former President and CEO of LeasePlan USA, one of the leading fleet management companies in the United States. Under Pitcher’s leadership, LeasePlan USA was recognized as a top workplace for its Atlanta and Chicago locations every year since 2010. In his book, the Seven eLements of Leadership for a New Breed of Leader, Pitcher identifies the seven key elements of leadership that are essential for leaders to […]

27 Jan 2017

The Slow Hunch: One iDiploma Member’s Story

WRITTEN BY MEGHAN CURETON Meet Brady. He joined the iDiploma program last year as a freshman. He had aspirations to innovate something and start a business. Hailing creators like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, he put together some impressive videos outlining his definition of innovation and even an idea for innovating the backpack. He said all the right things during his interview and easily convinced the iDiploma application committee that he would be an asset to the team. We were […]

11 Jan 2017

Kawai Lai | A Night of Inquiry, Innovation, and Impact

On October 20, 2016 Mount Vernon Presbyterian School in conjunction with its R&D hub MVIFI (Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation), took a deep dive exploration into what the future demands of those who wish to design a better world. Six trailblazers from several industries shared their inspirations and provocations for what the future demands of modern day mavericks. One of the standout speakers was Kawai Lai, the Vice President of Education Technology and Learning Services at the National Association of […]

16 Dec 2016

Future Frame: A New Tool From MVIFI

On November 2 MVIFI had the opportunity to partner with multiple Atlanta based organizations and the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation (AMBFF). The organizations were selected to be a part of what is now known as the STEAM Pipeline project that hopes to accelerate access to STEAM experiences for all students in the Atlanta area. MVIFI was asked by AMBFF to facilitate the first meet-up of this group to help establish a Design Thinking mindset and foster the teaming process […]

10 Nov 2016

Design Movement | Blending Leadership w/ Stephen Valentine

Stephen Valentine joins Brett on Design Movement to discuss his book, Blending Leadership: Six Simple Beliefs of Leading Online and Off. “Stephen is an educator, school leader, writer, and serial collaborator. He serves as the Assistant Head, Upper School, and Director of Academic Leadership at Montclair Kimberley Academy and Coordinating Editor of Klingbrief, a publication of the Klingenstein Center at Columbia University.” Design Movement is a podcast of the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation. Connect with Steven on Twitter – @sjvalentine Connect with […]

07 Nov 2016

Design Briefs: A Student Perspective

By: Anya Smith | MVIFI Fellow, Senior and Innovation Diploma Candidate This year has marked yet another new chapter for the Innovation Diploma (ID), and as we have moved into our third year of the programs existence, we have started to work on projects that we call Design Briefs. In short a Design Brief is a project where someone in the community seeks out a team of ID members to help them with a problem they are facing in their […]

29 Sep 2016

How WE Work – Strengths-based Leadership

I frequent the “How I Work” tag on lifehacker. Some find the habit odd. Why would I care about how people choose to set up their app screen or what productivity tool they use? The means by which we choose to stay productive is important to me because I believe we are getting a glimpse into how people step into the complexity of working with teams and collaborating as the workplace becomes flatter and more disaggregated. If I were asked, […]