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30 Nov 2017

LEAP: Leadership Experience Advisement Program for Grade 6 | Mount Vernon Presbyterian School

LEAP: Leadership Experience Advisement Program for Grade 6 November 29, 2017 Focusing on team building, MVIFI (Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation) leaders designed and facilitated a half-day event for the entire sixth grade, layered in the Captain-Crew-Passenger method of dynamic leadership. Broken into their advisory groups, students participated in an outdoor/experiential educational model, threading a story through the process of action, application, and purposeful reflection. After participating in activities such as: Trust Fall, Bull Ring, Stump Jumping, Alligator Boards, and […]

27 Oct 2016

How to be a Reimagineer in the Humanities

BY JAMES CAMPBELL The Fall of 2015 sparked the beginning of a conversation around the possibility of creating a Humanities program at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School.  This Collider Session, hosted as part of Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation (MVIFI) professional development, was heavily attended by educators from all MVPS divisions and disciplines.  Conversations at the Humanities session ranged from pure excitement and let’s start this program today to it’s not a no for me, but I need more details.  Thankfully, […]

31 Jan 2016

Being a student of your own school. #LearningWalks #InstructionalRounds #Pedagography | it’s about learning

We are a School of inquiry, innovation, and impact. Grounded in Christian values, we prepare all students to be college ready, globally competitive, and engaged citizen leaders. – Mount Vernon Presbyterian School Mission How are you studying your own school? In what ways are you being a student of your own school? Certainly you send folks to conferences like bees sent to collect pollen. It’s likely that you send faculty to other schools to learn from their practices, too. Incredible […]

13 Nov 2015

Designing a Humanities Program

The following post is written by Emily Breite, Head of Learning and Innovation at the Upper School, who is spearheading the design of a new Humanities program at Mount Vernon. MVIFI helped catapult this work through the Collider event, and we continue to serve on the design team that is building the program. We are thrilled to be able to share the incredible work from Emily and her design team. “Imagine: You have just stepped out of a time machine. The […]

01 Nov 2015

Leading change demands living the change…and building agency

In a recent article on EML, Will Richardson shared that he asks the districts he works with, “Is this a school that learns?” He went on to write these provocative questions: What does a learning school look like? What’s the culture of a school that learns? How does it happen? Will sparked in me some significant reflection. He also spurred me to write this blog post and share how Mount Vernon is, indeed, a school that learns. Here’s just one […]

11 Oct 2015

Collider – An MVIFI XLR8r: Reimagining “Faculty Work Day” #MVCollider

Why do we manage and lead our professional learning days like we do? What if MVIFI (the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation) reimagined our October “faculty work day” and ran it as an in-house conference? In this post from Team #MVIFI, you can find the following: A bit of background about how we decided on and designed the Collider workshop model. We offer this process section for other schools who might be wondering how to reimagine their own professional development days. […]

04 Oct 2015

MVIFI collaborates with MVPS as innovation incubator and accelerator

When people call your organization for help, and when their requests align with your purpose, it’s a good sign that your messaging – about what you do – is growing in clarity and understanding. Our Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation (MVIFI) received three such calls in the past two weeks from various groups within the Mount Vernon Presbyterian School (MVPS). First, two Upper School faculty members who are spearheading a design-thinking project contacted the MVIFI team. Dr. Colley and Mr. […]