Summer+ Learning 2019-20

RDI Working Groups - MVx Focus Topics

Research, Design and Iteration for Advancing Our Practice

We are a school of inquiry, innovation, and impact. Grounded in Christian values, we prepare all students to be college ready, globally competitive, and engaged citizen leaders.

As a school of inquiry, innovation, and impact, our faculty and staff feel a powerful calling to be continuous learners who are growing and developing our professional practice for the good of our students and community. We are leaders in the education industry, and we believe we have an obligation to enhance our own knowledge and skills, so that we can guide others responsibly.

In our strategic response to the world around us - a plan we call MVx - we have three primary design drivers:

  1. How might we make school more reflective of real life?
  2. How might we empower all learners to be seekers and explorers?
  3. How might we inspire one another - and the larger world - through the work we undertake together?

As Mount Vernon explores and engages with our three design drivers and core priorities, we enact our School's continued transformation through a strategic framework of interconnected parts. Our faculty and administration have decided to concentrate our learning in several key areas - all interrelated within this framework - in order to advance our practices and achieve the objectives of MVx.

In this year's Summer+ Learning, we have organized our plans by the Research, Design and Iteration (RDI) Working Groups' key topic areas. See the RDI Working Group links below for detailed descriptions of our MV Summer+ Learning for 2019-20.