Independent School Guide

Independent School Search Guide

Bringing clarity to the independent school search

Empathy as your guide

How do we find the best educational experience for our family?

All parents want the best for their children. Like you, we know the journey to find the ideal school can be an overwhelming process. This guide aims to make this process easier by creating a conversation about learning, our experiences with schools, and what we hope school could be like.

How to use this independent school search guide

The first activity is one of Discovery. You’ll reflect individually on your family values, your child’s educational goals and aspirations, and list what you most value in the school of your future. However, the discovery doesn’t end with you. This decision will impact your entire family and the life of your child. Therefore, the second part of discovery is dialogue. Gather around the table, cut out the cards on the last few pages, and begin the conversation.

After the dialogue, you’ll unpack that information to help narrow and Define. It’s time to look back at those assumptions and individual reflections and compare them to what you hear through conversation. You may find you were spot on! Or you might find that some of your assumptions evolved.   

Finally, you’ll Design the Ideal Educational Experience from the viewpoint of your family and your student. You’ll create a quick reference Point of View (POV) and persona for your child. This POV will help direct you when you tour schools and meet admissions representatives and faculty. You’ll be able to use this POV when you attend open houses and tours. A concise POV will help guide you through the questions to ask, the programs you want to look for, and ultimately, help you discover the ideal educational experience for your child and your family.

By the end of the exercise, your family should have a deeper grasp of each other’s goals and expectations and a deeper understanding of each other’s aspirations and hopes as they pertain to your student’s education.