MVPS School Visit Days & DT FlashLabs

Learning Walk, School Tour and Design Thinking Workshops

During each semester, the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation (MVIFI) hosts school visit days at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School (MVPS). The morning and lunch event provides an experiential workshop in the practices of learning walks and instructional rounds (see mvifi.org/rounds). The design also allows for an interactive tour of the School. Because the visit curates a group, the event is also a super networking opportunity.

Our FlashLab process provides a facilitated opportunity for people to take a "full lap" in design thinking to understand the process in a fun and collaborative context. The FlashLab is hands-on and highly experiential. Time will also be spent sharing some of the design thinking stories from Mount Vernon and beyond.

The winter 2019 MVPS School Visit Day will take place on Thursday, February 21, from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. In the spring of 2019, another MVPS School Visit Day will take place on Thursday, April 11, 2019, from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Additionally, for both visit days, we will host Design Thinking FlashLabs on the following Fridays, February 22 and April 12, respectively. Click on the button below to register for School Visit Day and/or the DT FlashLab.



Professional Learning Days Reimagined

Have you ever been to a half-day, professional-learning event that got you so excited you couldn’t wait to get back into your classroom to actually test and try out some of what you learned? Do you ever wish you could bring your entire grade-level or content team with you? Do you ever wish you could choose the sessions you attended, rather than folks all doing the same thing? Do you ever wish for more time with people from multiple divisions to “think tank” some of the bold work your’re tackling as a faculty of superheroes?

Well, beginning in October of 2015, MVIFI launched Collider as the reimagined, in-house "PD" days for Mount Vernon Presbyterian School and aimed to bring the faculty and staff their wildest PL wishes. We advocate for more schools to rethink their professional learning days, and our future plans include opening Collider to educators beyond the immediate Mount Vernon community.

Learn More about Collider held on October 9, 2015

Council On Innovation

Experts In Residence

We believe that if you change perspective, you will never see the world the same way again. So, we annually invite industry and civic leaders to Mount Vernon to co-vision with us the future of learning.

The Council serves as a major influencer of Mount Vernon’s efforts to lead in research and design for transformational K-12 education. COI is an event where visionaries in entrepreneurship, education, business, and community leadership come together as a league of advisors to provide insights and inspiration to MVPS and MVIFI. As a school of inquiry, innovation, and impact, Mount Vernon believes inviting such perspective and partnership enhances the School’s capacity to develop learners who engage real-life challenges and contribute as strong citizen leaders in a complex and rapidly changing world.

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Our Annual Conference

Fuse19 exists at the intersection of business and education -- it is a conference for exploring the possibilities of design thinking, the maker movement, entrepreneurship and innovation. Hosted by the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation (MVIFI) and Mount Vernon Presbyterian School (MVPS), this multi-day experience brings leaders from education and corporate industries around the country to Atlanta, with the intent to inspire transformative impact and change. Participants will gain hands-on experience to build capacity as learners and leaders within their organizations and innovation teams.

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MVIFI Hosts Dynamic Events

Quick Facts

MVIFI hosts a number of events throughout the year. Some events are specifically intended for MVPS faculty and staff, while others are open and inclusive of a broader group of participants. With each MVIFI hosted event, we work to create experiences and exchanges that enhance the transformational learning opportunities for all involved - you and us. We provide professional learning, as well as collect and curate insights that can build capacity in us all.

The tabs immediately below provide a quick glance of our current collection of events. Further down the page, you can find more detailed information and links, as well as our ever-growing gallery of event-specific blog posts.

We get a lot of requests from people who want to visit Mount Vernon Presbyterian School. While we wish we could entertain every inquiry, we also must preserve our leaders' bandwidth for the ambitious projects that we generate and undertake. So... MVIFI hosts several group visits a year. The School Visit Days provide hands-on workshops in learning walks, and set conditions for powerful networking and exchange of ideas and practices. In 2018-19, we plan to offer School Visit Day events on October 11, February 21 and likely during the week of April 8. There are also connected events called FlashLabs on October 12 and February 22, during which participants experience a complete lap through design thinking.

Throughout the academic year, Mount Vernon Presbyterian School protects a number of half days as dedicated, professional-learning days for faculty and staff. Collider began in 2015 as a way for MVIFI to amplify and expand the benefit of these days - to orchestrate them as in-house conferences drawing on the amazing talent of the faculty. Future plans include opening Collider to a wider audience beyond our immediate community of staff.

The Council on Innovation (COI) annually brings together about twenty industry and civic leaders as advisors and partners for MVPS and MVIFI. In October, MVIFI hosts a day-long, on-campus event for that year's Council. Often referred to as COI, this event is by invitation only.

Fuse is our summer, design-thinking experience. It's fully immersive into a richly lived moment in human-centered problem solving. In some ways, fuse is like a conference, but in most ways, it's not like any other conference you've likely experienced. Fuse happens in June, is open to public registration, and offers a powerful learning progression in design thinking. The core of fuse exists as an intensive design challenge in service with community partners!

Periodically, in addition to our "Shares," MVIFI hosts local, national, and international speakers for MVIFI Talks. These events are announced as they are organized and open to the public. Sometimes the Talks take the form of lunch-and-learns, and other times the talks are morning or evening events.

In conjunction with the design work that MVIFI does with MVPS to build new, innovative programs, MVIFI hosts XLR8 events to advance the excitement, professional learning and know-how for emerging pedagogies and practices. With a current, intense focus on Maker programming, MVIFI offers "Dine and Design" evenings in our maker labs. Currently, the MVIFI Makers series is provided for MVPS faculty, staff, and students. Future plans include expanding this offering to the wider community.

How Might We Design a Better World?

On October 20, 2016 we took a deep dive exploration into what the future demands of us as innovators, thinkers, educators and those who wish to design a better world. Mount Vernon curated six trailblazers from several industries who shared their inspirations and provocations for what the world demands of modern day mavericks. As a stand out school, Mount Vernon continues to set the conditions for strategic leadership so that we all can better pioneer tomorrow.

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