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Building Capacity

At MVIFI, we are insatiably curious. As we explore, research and expand our own capabilities within our primary place of practice, we believe deeply in sharing and doing our part to build capacity in other practitioners. We are most fortunate to work at MVPS - we are a School of inquiry, innovation, and impact. And we strive to live out our school norms:

Start with Questions
Fail Up
Assume the Best
Share the Well
Have Fun

So, we feel great responsibility to "Share the Well" and to make an impact. With such a mindset, the dynamic team at MVIFI offers on-site workshops, team consulting, virtual and face-to-face coaching, as well as other customizable consulting options.

Contact us to start or continue a conversation about how we might work together.

Design Thinking Workshop

Coaching crew facilitated a one-day in-service for consortium of schools in the Southeast wanting to build capacity for design thinking through deep professional learning

Maker Lab

Director of Maker and Media Programs co-created a custom lab experience for a school in the Midwest building a maker program

Google Hangout Presentation

MVIFI team member recently conducted a one-hour consultation with an Eastern seaboard school regarding innovative middle school programming and learning environments

MVIFI teams use design thinking to co-create and customize solutions

Design thinking workshop for Georgia Center for Nonprofits

MVIFI conducting monthly maker nights as internal consulting and professional learning

Facilitating a workshop on observation journaling for advanced PBL generation

EdLeader21 school leaders experiencing DT session and coaching

MVIFI nucleus team is called in as a think tank during program transitions

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