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15 Nov 2016

Back to the Future of Making: Development of MakerED Curriculum Documents

By T.J. Edwards About this time last year Jim Tiffin and I were tasked with developing a scope and sequence for our newly emerging Maker Design Engineering (MDE) program. The truth is that we had been seeding elements of tinkering and fabrication in the school for a few years, but had not yet set a vision for how we might make the spaces – Studio (i) and HIVE – and the learning that is unique to MakerED available to all […]

08 Sep 2016

pHail: Learning through Persistence

By Jim Tiffin Jr (Cross-posted on my personal blog, Building Capacity) “I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that will not work.” -Thomas Edison. Most educators are familiar with this quote. Most of the time, I suspect it was used to motivate students to “try, try, try again.”  At least, that’s how it was used with me – merely as an encouragement that if I just simply tried more, I’d get it. In reality, it is much more […]

04 Oct 2015

MVIFI collaborates with MVPS as innovation incubator and accelerator

When people call your organization for help, and when their requests align with your purpose, it’s a good sign that your messaging – about what you do – is growing in clarity and understanding. Our Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation (MVIFI) received three such calls in the past two weeks from various groups within the Mount Vernon Presbyterian School (MVPS). First, two Upper School faculty members who are spearheading a design-thinking project contacted the MVIFI team. Dr. Colley and Mr. […]