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18 Apr 2016

T.J. Edwards: From Project to Passion

T.J. Edwards: From Project to Passion Describing himself as a “recovering engineer” compelled by design thinking, T.J. Edwards shared the story of how his students created a 3D-printed, prosthetic hand for Alex – a user they matched with via eNable. By getting to know a person’s needs, we can transform mere projects into purposes…and we can make school more about this work. “These problems that are worth solving are everywhere. And there’s no sense in us as teachers, as educators, inventing […]

11 Apr 2016

Holly Chesser: Good at Design Thinking? Thank an English Teacher

Holly Chesser: Good at Design Thinking? Thank an English Teacher “Whether it’s convergent thinking, whether it’s divergent thinking, the central thing we need to be embodying is empathy.” In this powerful talk, Chesser explained how the study of literature can deeply help us to understand others and ourselves. She used To Kill a Mockingbird, Johari’s Window and a moving quote from Rumi to weave together a compelling message at the heart of design thinking – being willing to analyze our own […]

01 Jan 2016

Anya Smith: Thinking Like a Designer

Anya Smith: Thinking Like a Designer The world is malleable and everything in the made world is designed. Mount Vernon Innovation Diploma leader Anya Smith inspires our sense of agency and creative confidence, and she provides her recipe for success in taking on and tackling problems to make a positive difference. And she challenges us all to consider one of her big questions: “What if school created designers?” fuse15 – 9:03 – Filmed June 17, 2015 This MoVe Talk was presented […]