Tag : Curiosity

19 Jan 2017

Living in a Personal Case Study – Curiosity-based Learning

By Bo Adams, Executive Director, MVIFI Before the middle of November 2016, I had never really rock climbed before, other than some scrambling over boulders at various times of my life while playing or hiking. I definitely had never tied-in with a harness, donned the super-snug climbing shoes or doused my hands in chalk. There’s no way that I could have named a professional rock climber or told anyone what a Yosemite rating was. For the last two months, though, I […]

10 May 2016

Keeping it Weird

In Ian Leslie’s book Curious, he describes both an old fashioned definition of the word – eccentric, offbeat, weird – along with the more common one – eagerness to learn something. The HIVE, I’m proud to say, has become a weird place – a curious place – and I’m loving every second of it. While a world language class is happening in one area of the HIVE, students are making and breaking things in another. Machines buzz. Gliders fly. Lights […]

15 Oct 2015

MVPS & Atlanta Leaders Tackle “Disruptive Curiosity” | Mount Vernon School News

Mount Vernon’s Council on Innovation set for Friday, October 23 by Allison Toller On Friday, October 23, we will host our third annual Council on Innovation. COI includes leaders who are experts and visionaries in entrepreneurship, business, and education from throughout the Atlanta community. Called together as a league of advisors, the Council provides insight and inspiration to Mount Vernon Presbyterian School and the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation. For a full day, the Council on Innovation will work with students, faculty, and leadership focusing […]