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07 Feb 2019

A New Design Thinking Model – The Compass

We are risk takers, tinkerers, hackers, and most of all, design thinkers!  And designers iterate, right?! We are so excited to officially launch Compass, the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation’s new design thinking model.  And it’s all housed in our new Design Thinking Field Guide for you.   For a number of years, the Mount Vernon Presbyterian School and the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation have used a design thinking process as one of our pillars for learning and real-world […]

25 Oct 2018

Starting with a Prototype

At the center of every design thinking challenge are empathy and an authentic user.  So what happens when you jump right into prototyping to solve a problem?  How do you know if you’re solving for the right problem? At the beginning of the school year, Mount Vernon Presbyterian School did just that –  started with a prototype for “Family Style Lunch” and then stood back, gained some empathy, iterated, and plowed ahead. Trying to Solve a Problem Lunchtime was really […]