Transformational Design and Leadership

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Project Description

What is the relationship between design, leadership and action?

Currently 11 of our students are working on an adVenture called Transformational Design and Leadership which bridges design, leadership, and various forms of fabrication. This venture invites learners to explore personal formation by creating physical representations of their pursuit. Along the way students will engage many of the tools in the Hive (one of our maker spaces) while honing their understanding of self. Because engineering design is influenced by personal characteristics, such as creativity, resourcefulness, and the ability to visualize and think abstractly, it is important to have a strong sense of self as well as a solid understanding of the teammates who work alongside you. In this unique transdisciplinary approach to making, we help learners understand one of the core values of design: that is human-centered. Showcased in this project, students sketched and iterated personal branding logos (a symbol of their essence and uniqueness) and finalized their design to cut on vinyl stickers. Next, learners are using the results from their Gallup Strengthsfinder assessment to create a visual (think art installation or image projection) that will help them compose future teams.

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