Looking Closely at Cardboard Automata

  • Adding notes to the parts as they identify them.
  • Taking things apart, to find their parts.
  • Taking things apart, to find their parts.
  • Looking closely at the automata, while a partner takes notes.
  • Identifying lots of different parts.
  • The board where we'll keep our post-it notes.

Project Description

First graders began a new week of tinkering by first looking closely at how a cardboard automata works. With the help of AgencyByDesign’s visible thinking routine Parts, Purposes, and Complexities, students identified the various parts that comprise oneĀ of these DIY toys.

To aid in their identification, students were allowed to take some of them apart. But care was taken to point out that the Take-Apart work wasn’t destructive, but constructive in order to learn more about the object itself.

Project Details


First Grade

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