Kinders Design an iPad Stand

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Project Description

My students noticed a problem when they were making their stop motions videos… they couldn’t hold on to their iPads and get steady shots to use. They decided to prop their iPads up against different objects in the room – tables, stools, walls, etc – to help it stay still. But then another problem came up… the base of the iPad would slide towards them on the smooth tables and concrete floor, giving them a terrible angle to shoot movies at.

The decision was made to build something that would actually work. An iPad stand that would hold the tablet up so that steady pictures could be taken, and would slide down and ruin your viewing angle.

After brainstorming designs as individuals, the ideas were shared with the group to help inspire new ones and to see if some ideas could be combined to make even better ones.

We prototyped some of the designs to see if they would work, modifying as needed, and then stepping back to see if the design was moving us in the right direction.

Finally, we landed on a triangular design that was simply brilliant! So brilliant in fact, I decided to write an Instructable for it in order to share the Kindergarteners’ innovativeness with others!

Project Details


MVPS Kindergarteners

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