Flatpack Furniture Design

Project Description

Inspired by the open community of makers at OpenDesk.cc and intrigued by the possibility of what we might make with our own CNC, Technology, Engineering and Design students are exploring flatpack furniture designs.

First we explored campus for a variety of places there we might envision new seating or space redesign and captured with pictures. Students had their first taste of CAD design using an open source app called Sketch Chair¬†where they sketched their chairs, chaises, benches, and “pods”. From there images of their CAD designs were overlaid on top of our campus pictures as means to test for feedback. CAD files were exported to SVG for test cuts. We wanted to test assembly before cutting full scale, so we cut our files on chipboard run through the Cameo cutter. A positive PhAIL moment occurred as we learned that the Cameo struggled with the combination of detailed designs and thicker cutting material (it has worked beautifully otherwise!). With some validation and cool prototypes built, the class needed to know how to design and build for full scale. For this we turned to Fusion 360 as our CAD software of choice. Soon we hope to take our CAD chops to the CNC to solve for our first class Provocation this semester…a world language class wants smaller cafe style tables that are better suited for conversation. Away we go!

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