Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation

13 Apr 2017

Part 1: Keys to Lead w/ Michael A. Pitcher

Michael ““Mike”” A. Pitcher is the former President and CEO of LeasePlan USA, one of the leading fleet management companies in the United States. Under Pitcher’s leadership, LeasePlan USA was recognized as a top workplace for its Atlanta and Chicago locations every year since 2010. In his book, the Seven eLements of Leadership for a New Breed of Leader, Pitcher identifies the seven key elements of leadership that are essential for leaders to succeed. Design Movement is a podcast of […]

23 Mar 2017

Connected Learning – Curriculum Reflections (by Nicole Martin)

A foolish person thinks “I already know that.” He keeps anything new from coming into his mind. A wise person thinks, “I don’t know the whole story.” She opens herself up to even greater wisdom. -Haemin Sunim Many times I read education-related books and watch TED talks and find direct application to my professional education experiences. They help me grow and evolve in my thinking and practice. The best ones, though, have direct implications in both my personal and professional […]

21 Feb 2017

Insights from Shadow a Student Challenge

By Katie Cain (originally posted on personal blog) On Thursday, February 8, I had the pleasure of participating in the Shadow a Student Challenge. “The Shadow a Student Challenge is a fun, illuminating, and supportive journey where school leaders come together to empathize with their students and take new kinds of action at their school. Educators and researchers have long known that shadowing can lead to powerful observations and insights to drive change. The Shadow a Student Challenge provides methods […]

15 Feb 2017

Student Led Conferences, by Chip Houston

.entry-header Student Led Conferences: Year Two (9/22/16) Learning Transcends School (11/11/15) Feedback from Student Led Conferences (9/23/15) Launching Student Led Conferences (8/31/15) Expanding the Learning Measures (7/20/15) Although student-led conferences have been practiced in schools across the nation for several decades, the Middle School implemented them beginning in 2015-2016. The benefits of involving students in conversations about their learning, include: increased student motivation and ownership of learning greater alignment and meeting of standards/learning outcomes more involved parents celebrating each student’s unique […]

01 Feb 2017

Critical Making

BY T.J. Edwards (cross posted on Planting T’s) I owe it all to my wife and a little bit of curious wandering. She is an artist. For a mechanical enginerd, Spock-like logical thinker, and excel spreadsheet fanboy, she might have well been an unicorn of cognitive disruption. I followed her on lots of dates to museums and galleries. I made the novice mistake of saying things like: “Those are just solid colors. That’s not art!” “A kindergartener could splatter paint […]

27 Jan 2017

The Slow Hunch: One iDiploma Member’s Story

WRITTEN BY MEGHAN CURETON Meet Brady. He joined the iDiploma program last year as a freshman. He had aspirations to innovate something and start a business. Hailing creators like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, he put together some impressive videos outlining his definition of innovation and even an idea for innovating the backpack. He said all the right things during his interview and easily convinced the iDiploma application committee that he would be an asset to the team. We were […]

19 Jan 2017

Living in a Personal Case Study – Curiosity-based Learning

By Bo Adams, Executive Director, MVIFI Before the middle of November 2016, I had never really rock climbed before, other than some scrambling over boulders at various times of my life while playing or hiking. I definitely had never tied-in with a harness, donned the super-snug climbing shoes or doused my hands in chalk. There’s no way that I could have named a professional rock climber or told anyone what a Yosemite rating was. For the last two months, though, I […]

11 Jan 2017

Design Movement | 2016 Year in Review

Closing out the year, Brett calls us back to five questions from Design Movement in 2016. What’s the DNA of an Innovator? How do you run a meeting? How do you challenge assumptions? How do you make a decision? How do you give feedback? Design Movement is a podcast of the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation. Connect with Brett on Twitter – @jbrettjacobsen

11 Jan 2017

Kawai Lai | A Night of Inquiry, Innovation, and Impact

On October 20, 2016 Mount Vernon Presbyterian School in conjunction with its R&D hub MVIFI (Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation), took a deep dive exploration into what the future demands of those who wish to design a better world. Six trailblazers from several industries shared their inspirations and provocations for what the future demands of modern day mavericks. One of the standout speakers was Kawai Lai, the Vice President of Education Technology and Learning Services at the National Association of […]

16 Dec 2016

Future Frame: A New Tool From MVIFI

On November 2 MVIFI had the opportunity to partner with multiple Atlanta based organizations and the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation (AMBFF). The organizations were selected to be a part of what is now known as the STEAM Pipeline project that hopes to accelerate access to STEAM experiences for all students in the Atlanta area. MVIFI was asked by AMBFF to facilitate the first meet-up of this group to help establish a Design Thinking mindset and foster the teaming process […]