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22 Sep 2017

Relationships are Foundational for Learning, CTTL Reflection, Ann Marsh Rutledge

Guest Post by Ann Marsh Rutledge, Lower School Learning Coach, MVPS “It is NOT about being student-centered.” (Breathe.) “It is about being centered on the relationships between students and teachers.” I had gotten up from the main lecture to move around, refill my water, refocus and I ran into a colleague doing the same. We chatted quietly in the doorway about our Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning (CTTL) Academy sessions, what was going well, what wasn’t, and our takeaways so […]

18 Sep 2017

Authentic Learning Adventures: Nicole Martin

In her June 2017 MoVe Talk, Nicole Martin, challenges all learners, adults and children alike, to get outside and start adventuring as seekers and explorers as a means to encounter deep learning experiences.     At Mount Vernon, we are systemically rethinking the way we take students off campus from a run-of-the-mill educational field trip, where students are typically passive consumers. Instead, we’re more focused on our learners being actively involved in the experience through the lenses of observation and […]

14 Sep 2017

It’s Not About the Next Step

I wonder if we are asking the right question. “What do you do next?” “Now what do you do?” “What comes next?” Questions of this ilk inadvertently create a sense of tension between the person asking the question, and the person being asked to answer it, because it implies that the person doing the asking already knows the answer. The person responding has to try and figure out what the “right” answer is to satisfy the person asking. The person […]

10 Sep 2017

Latest Diigo Bookmarks for #MVIFIshares

My Favorite Projects in 2016 | Blog | Project Based Learning | BIE List of 15 projects, that caught the eye of BIE Editor in Chief John Larmer. One of which is the Kindergarten PBL: Happy Habitats organized and executed by MVPS Kindergarten Team. Tags: #mvifishares, PBL, project based learning, kindergarten, BIE Shared by Jim Tiffin Jr   Posted from Diigo. The rest of MVIFI Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation group favorite links are here.

07 Sep 2017

Why School? – Skyler Tiffin’s MoVe Talk Released

Caught in learning spaces where the only feedback that anyone seems to value are scores given by adults, too many of today’s students sit passively waiting for the judgment of others, stripped of the self-reflective and evaluative skills that literally define the most successful people” (Bill Ferriter, Tempered Radical). I used to get frustrated when my students asked is this for a grade? Exasperated, I would give them a lecture on why grades should not be the driving force for effort, […]

06 Sep 2017

Teaching and Learning with the Brain in Mind, Sophie MacColl

Guest Post by Sophie MacColl, MVPS Middle School Faculty and MVIFI Agent This summer, eight faculty members from across the school—two from each division—participated in a ‘Learner at the Center’ research grant. We were investigating questions such as What does it mean ‘to learn? How might we transform MV to be even more learning-centered and learner-driven? My division partner and I focused our research on neuroscience. We were interested in how the brain processes information and teaching/learning strategies that jibe […]

04 Sep 2017

Latest Diigo Bookmarks for #MVIFIshares

Why ‘Unlearning’ Old Habits Is An Essential Step For Innovation | MindShift | KQED News Great reminder, AND has some good examples of PBL in math (always a challenge) Tags: #mvifishares Shared by T.J. Edwards   10 work skills for the postnormal era – Work Futures Tags: #mvifishares, mindsets Shared by T.J. Edwards   Learning and the Brain Stories, #2 – Learning and the Brain blogLearning and the Brain … HT @kkelly Tags: learning, brain, curiosity, neuroscience, growthmindset, #mvifishares Shared […]

30 Aug 2017

Inductive Learning – Better Building Blocks

How often do learners get a chance to look for patterns in order to discover a larger concept? What does inductive learning look like at different stages of cognitive development? Will the future we are preparing kids for demand that they think inductively more, or deductively more?   I remember it so very well. The lightbulb that went off was so powerfully bright, that it continues to shine for me today. It was my first exposure to learning through inductive […]

28 Aug 2017

Only the right problem will lead to the right solution

“What are my options?  And which is the best option?” When faced with an issue, most people spend a lot of time working on solution-finding and how to fix the problem.  We brain storm, make webs of ideas and just try to make it better.  At #fuse17, a design thinking conference in Atlanta, Georgia, Bo Adams and Trey Boden explained why it’s really the problem, not the solution, that we need to focus on. “You need to spend more time […]

23 Aug 2017

Empathy as Translation of Souls

You will never be the expert of someone else’s experience. – Mike Young At its very essence, design thinking is “human-centered problem solving.” It is caring enough and being curious enough so that our compassion motivates us to refuse to quit until we’ve uncovered the root of an issue and discovered possible solutions to apply. It is collaborative, as we must resist the urge to solve for someone versus solving with someone. So what’s the key to doing this work […]