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27 May 2016

Kindergarten PBL: Happy Habitats

“Zoo Atlanta called. They need to design better habitats for their animals that reflect their natural habitats. What should we do?” This was the initial, challenging question that launched the PBL unit for the Kindergarteners. When I first met with Kindergarten Head of Grade, Eileen Fennelly to learn about this project, I was struck by her team’s ability to weave together a rich, Gold Standard PBL unit with design thinking tools and visible thinking routines that clearly cut across numerous […]

22 May 2016

Auto Post Diigo To MVIFI.org (weekly)

New Normal Leader — Radar Journal Maybe one of the most important leadership articles we can read…and implement. Tags: leader, radar, leadership, newnormal, #MustRead, #MVIFIshares, change Keeping pace with the hockey stick curve of exponential change requires being deliberate about evolving as a leader. Too many leaders — both at the top and across organizations — are taking a linear perspective that focuses on small incremental gains, often achieved by squeezing harder on what they already know. The problem is […]

15 May 2016

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How Parents Talk About Failure Affects Children’s Success : Shots – Health News : NPR Tags: #mvifishares, #failup “There is a fair amount of evidence showing that when children view their abilities as more malleable and something they can change over time, then they deal with obstacles in a more constructive way,” But parents who saw failure as an opportunity were more likely to ask their child what they learned from the quiz, what they still can learn and whether […]

12 May 2016

Design Movement | Part 2: Cultivating Organizational Culture w/ Billy Phenix

Billy Phenix, lead pastor of Buckhead Chuch in Atlanta, Georgia joins Design Movement to share his story of cultivating strong, sustained organizational culture within NorthPoint Ministries. Connect With Billy Twitter – https://twitter.com/billyphenix Design Movement is a podcast of the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation. Connect with Brett on Twitter – @jbrettjacobsen www.mvifi.org www.mountvernonschool.org

12 May 2016

This Is Iterative | 205: It’s All About Questions

What makes a good question? How do you form great questions? Can you have a “best” question? See what we have done here? Our intro is about questions… Show Notes A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger – LINK Failure Lab (Seriously, we hope you weren’t offended!) – LINK This Is Iterative is a podcast of the Mount Vernon Institute of Innovation in collaboration with Exhibit Change. We are produced by Matt McMichael at Digital Chemistry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Connect with us at http://www.mvifi.org and http://www.exhibit-change.com/. Tweet […]

12 May 2016

Authentic Design Challenges in Project-Based Learning: Fostering Innovators — Jennifer D. Klein

This post is authored by Jennifer D. Klein, Director of Professional Development of World Leadership School, and reblogged here from the original post on Medium, May 4, 2016. Authentic Design Challenges in Project-Based Learning: Fostering Innovators “It always takes more than one idea to succeed.” — Trey, Second Grader at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School (Atlanta, GA) Since the Buck Institute for Education changed their Project Design matrix to include “Challenging Problem or Question,” instead of just “Driving Question,” the interconnections between Project- […]

11 May 2016

MVIFI’s #fuse16 partners with four organizations of Plywood People

“We will be known by the problems we solve.” – Plywood People Building on the success of MVIFI’s ambitious mission with #fuse15 to impact Atlanta through design thinking, #fuse16 plans to make another ambitious moonshot this year. At the annual design thinking experience, this year happening June 15-17, we have three major goals: Make an impact in an issue alongside several Atlanta nonprofits Learn design thinking as a practitioner, rather than in a “classroom” setting Model the possibilities and opportunities […]

10 May 2016

Keeping it Weird

In Ian Leslie’s book Curious, he describes both an old fashioned definition of the word – eccentric, offbeat, weird – along with the more common one – eagerness to learn something. The HIVE, I’m proud to say, has become a weird place – a curious place – and I’m loving every second of it. While a world language class is happening in one area of the HIVE, students are making and breaking things in another. Machines buzz. Gliders fly. Lights […]

08 May 2016

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Aligning Assessment to Brain Science Tags: #mvifishares, #mustread, assessment, math, testing, learning The most powerful learners are those who are reflective, who engage in metacognition – thinking about what they know – and who take control of their own learning Straight A students may not be the best innovators Tags: innovation, idiploma, assessment, mvifishares, #mvifishares Response: Assessments for Today’s Students – Classroom Q&A With Larry Ferlazzo – Education Week Teacher Tags: #mvifishares, pbl, assessment Inverse Relationship Between GPA and Innovative […]

05 May 2016

Spotlight: Two Innovators who Helped Build iDiploma

Today, at Mount Vernon’s Honors Assembly, I got to honor two of the founding members of iDiploma. Below are the words I shared at the ceremony, which don’t even begin to scratch the surface of the kind of work both our graduates and the members of the program are doing as change agents. I couldn’t be more proud of our two soon-to-be graduates: I have the pleasure of honoring two of our very first graduates from our Innovation Diploma program. […]