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26 Sep 2017

How Will You Make A Difference? – Scaffolding Impact

  Q: How do you make a difference? A: By going out and doing something.   The answer to the question might seem trite, but if you boil it down, it really is as simple as that.   But when educators think about a charge to “help students make a difference”, the clarifying questions educator are often asking themselves are more about the boots-on-the-ground aspect of what difference-making looks like in school.   When you take the long view of […]

07 Sep 2017

Why School? – Skyler Tiffin’s MoVe Talk Released

Caught in learning spaces where the only feedback that anyone seems to value are scores given by adults, too many of today’s students sit passively waiting for the judgment of others, stripped of the self-reflective and evaluative skills that literally define the most successful people” (Bill Ferriter, Tempered Radical). I used to get frustrated when my students asked is this for a grade? Exasperated, I would give them a lecture on why grades should not be the driving force for effort, […]

28 Aug 2017

Only the right problem will lead to the right solution

“What are my options?  And which is the best option?” When faced with an issue, most people spend a lot of time working on solution-finding and how to fix the problem.  We brain storm, make webs of ideas and just try to make it better.  At #fuse17, a design thinking conference in Atlanta, Georgia, Bo Adams and Trey Boden explained why it’s really the problem, not the solution, that we need to focus on. “You need to spend more time […]

23 Aug 2017

Empathy as Translation of Souls

You will never be the expert of someone else’s experience. – Mike Young At its very essence, design thinking is “human-centered problem solving.” It is caring enough and being curious enough so that our compassion motivates us to refuse to quit until we’ve uncovered the root of an issue and discovered possible solutions to apply. It is collaborative, as we must resist the urge to solve for someone versus solving with someone. So what’s the key to doing this work […]

04 Oct 2016

Okorie Johnson: Ok Cello at fuse16

Encountering failure is often the reality of those who pursue their dreams. Fear and depression could be obstacles, but they also could be catalysts for new songs formed deep in our identities. Okorie Johnson is a storyteller and cellist known as Ok Cello. In his live performance and MoVetalk he tells his story of how seven notes changed everything for him. (Filmed at MVIFI fuse16, June 15, 2016.)

18 Apr 2016

T.J. Edwards: From Project to Passion

T.J. Edwards: From Project to Passion Describing himself as a “recovering engineer” compelled by design thinking, T.J. Edwards shared the story of how his students created a 3D-printed, prosthetic hand for Alex – a user they matched with via eNable. By getting to know a person’s needs, we can transform mere projects into purposes…and we can make school more about this work. “These problems that are worth solving are everywhere. And there’s no sense in us as teachers, as educators, inventing […]

11 Apr 2016

Holly Chesser: Good at Design Thinking? Thank an English Teacher

Holly Chesser: Good at Design Thinking? Thank an English Teacher “Whether it’s convergent thinking, whether it’s divergent thinking, the central thing we need to be embodying is empathy.” In this powerful talk, Chesser explained how the study of literature can deeply help us to understand others and ourselves. She used To Kill a Mockingbird, Johari’s Window and a moving quote from Rumi to weave together a compelling message at the heart of design thinking – being willing to analyze our own […]

03 Feb 2016

Chip Houston: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Design Thinking

Chip Houston: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Design Thinking “Design thinking – human-centered problem solving – is messy.” Mount Vernon Head of Middle School Chip Houston provides a case study about learning-environment, space design to frame four strong pieces of advice about actual practice as a design thinker. fuse15 – 12:21 – Filmed June 17, 2015 This MoVe Talk was presented at an official MVIFI event and was featured on mvifi.org. View on YouTube  Bio for Chip Houston at chiphouston.com

01 Jan 2016

Anya Smith: Thinking Like a Designer

Anya Smith: Thinking Like a Designer The world is malleable and everything in the made world is designed. Mount Vernon Innovation Diploma leader Anya Smith inspires our sense of agency and creative confidence, and she provides her recipe for success in taking on and tackling problems to make a positive difference. And she challenges us all to consider one of her big questions: “What if school created designers?” fuse15 – 9:03 – Filmed June 17, 2015 This MoVe Talk was presented […]