Future Frame: A New Tool From MVIFI

On November 2 MVIFI had the opportunity to partner with multiple Atlanta based organizations and the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation (AMBFF). The organizations were selected to be a part of what is now known as the STEAM Pipeline project that hopes to accelerate access to STEAM experiences for all students in the Atlanta area. MVIFI was asked by AMBFF to facilitate the first meet-up of this group to help establish a Design Thinking mindset and foster the teaming process as these organizations met each other for the first time.

One of the most exciting things we get to do at MVIFI is to prototype new tools to fit the needs of our users. A key component of the workshop was around envisioning a future for transformational radical collaboration. In the past we have used a tool from Gamestorming called Coverstory. It is a fantastic tool that helps a team envision the front cover of a magazine (photo, headlines, edition, quotes, etc.) that celebrates a future accomplishment that might create a shared vision.

Although we love this tool and have used it often, we saw this partnership as an opportunity to make a new tool for our own toolkit for ideation and prototyping a strategic future. Through multiple iterations we call this new tool Future Frame.

Future Frame is a tool to wireframe the future. The tool was developed to invite our users to create a future homepage of their collaboration together. It is about looking deep into the future as a mechanism to remove perceived hurdles right now. Wireframes are ways for web and UX designers to rapid prototype the future look of a website. In the Future Frame AMBFF organizations were invited to:

– Determine what the URL of their future collaboration. We challenged them not to create a new organization, but rather name the collaboration.
– Discuss a menu structure that would provide a glimpse into other pages that would cause future visitors to the site to dive deeper. AMBFF organizations were challenged to think about provocative menu titles that would give a one to two word insight of their future collaboration.
– Create a three pane rotating slider that includes an image, quote, and event promotion.
– Provide a services list that would give an idea on how their collaboration serves a larger community
– Curate recent and featured posts that would provide a reader with headlines of their collaboration.

It was really exciting to see how this new tool allowed these organization, who most had just met for the first time, dive deeply into their hopes and dreams. It also allowed us to imagine how collaboration can bring trans change to Atlanta STEAM deserts. It also began the process to catch a glimpse of how collaboration can powerfully bring transformational change to the realities of STEAM deserts in the Atlanta area.

Click here to download the latest Future Frame prototype.

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