T.J. Edwards: From Project to Passion

T.J. Edwards: From Project to Passion

Describing himself as a “recovering engineer” compelled by design thinking, T.J. Edwards shared the story of how his students created a 3D-printed, prosthetic hand for Alex – a user they matched with via eNable. By getting to know a person’s needs, we can transform mere projects into purposes…and we can make school more about this work. “These problems that are worth solving are everywhere. And there’s no sense in us as teachers, as educators, inventing problems to be solved in our classrooms because there’s millions of them right at our fingertips if you just talk to somebody.”

fuse15 – 9:40 – Filmed June 3, 2015

This MoVe Talk was presented at an official MVIFI event and was featured on mvifi.org.

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Bio for T.J. Edwards at Planting T’s

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  1. […] J Edwards, an engineer turned teacher, makes a great distinction between the Engineering Design Process and Design Thinking. Engineering Design relies heavily on math, begins with understanding customer constraints and budgets and asks the designer to “prove” that their design is the best.  Design Thinking, on the other hand, is focused on solving problems for people, exploring possibilities without constraints and showing what you’ve designed.  While many teachers may have thought that the two were very similar and maybe even interchangeable, there’s a real difference.   […]

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