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I get asked about the various tools in the HIVE quite a bit. Some want to know how it works, others want to know how much it costs, still others want to know if we are actually using it. Let me add, I LOVE these conversations. In a lot of ways these conversations are part of what makes maker communities unique…sharing what you know…good, bad, and ugly.

At MVIFI one of ways we believe in leading transformational change is through sharing our own experiences. To that end I thought I would share our the list of tools, supplies, and furniture that went into the HIVE. Perhaps you are thinking of building out your own makerspace and will find it useful.

Clickable Google Sheet here:  https://goo.gl/PpaVcQ

We are blessed with the advantage of having any of this equipment and much of the thanks is due to a generous grant from the Goizueta Foundation. As such, I felt a strong sense of stewardship. I add that as footnote to recognize that some trade offs were made. Are there bigger, badder, nicer pieces of equipment out there? Of course. Are there some items that we maybe don’t utilize as much as I wished? A few. The list above is simply my best effort at maximizing cost effectiveness, space, and utilization (ie. how many do I purchase to meet the needs of class sizes AND keep the particular piece in use most of the time).

Here is a quick update on how we are utilizing all that equipment. For both my Technology, Engineering, and Design course and iDiploma, students go through MDE (maker, design, & engineering) foundations. Think of it like a new doctor in residency. It is designed to expose students to the tools and materials available in the HIVE. I’d like students to leave knowing the art of what is possible. Below are the three projects I used for foundations and my goals for each:

  • Build a Cornhole Set: Students will learn to safety protocols and how to shape and assemble wood in as Artisans in Agency.
  • Project Ignite Arduino projects: Students will learn arduino and basic microelectronics as they tinker in Platform. 
  • Design an Accessory for the Pegboard: Students will design in CAD and 3D print a new accessory for the pegboard as Hackers in Joinery.

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