The Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation is a team of maverick leaders and educational designers who are helping schools transform through people-centered design. MVIFI grew from the thought and action leadership at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School and maintains a symbiotic relationship as accelerator and amplifier of the School’s work. Continuously innovating ourselves, MVIFI provides leadership in transformational learning and school redesign in a number of ways. We share thought leadership. We host dynamic learning events. We design innovative educational programs. And we consult with schools and organizations working for their own transformation and innovation.

Read more about MVIFI in the Winter 2014 MVPS Magazine

MVIFI is committed to people and problem solving by design.


MVIFI generates and amplifies thought and action leadership in educational innovation. We share with the hope that we will exchange ideas and practices, as well as find ways to collaborate.


MVIFI delivers on-site events like our Council on Innovation and fuse summer conference. We want to welcome you into our family and share our home as a place to co-create the future of education.


MVIFI creates and supports program innovations at MVPS, like Innovation Diploma and Maker, Design, and Engineering. We design opportunities that empower learners to be change agents.


MVIFI serves as a transformational design studio. We help organizations create dynamic growth, innovative practices and people-centered approaches to problem-solving. We are multipliers.


A Preschool Through 12 Approach To Design Thinking

DEEPdt, developed at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School and the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation, provides a phased methodology for design thinking -- Discover, Empathize, Experiment, and Produce. And while that may seem linear, it’s actually messier than that - which is part of what makes it fun and interesting. The phases -- or modes -- help a design thinker embrace the messiness and leverage a system for honing in on the roots of a problem and meeting the needs of the user(s).

In 2014, a team of MVIFI designers embarked on a design challenge to scale the DEEP methodology into tools for design thinkers to use. Inspired by IDEO and Stanford's d.school, the DEEPdt Playbook has been used all over the country in various industries to inspire people-centered problem solving. We offer the DEEPdt Playbook, which includes a design thinking introduction called a Flashlab, free of charge under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

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